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Melkkan 350ml voor latte art frekkoMelkkan 350ml voor latte art frekko

Milk Pitcher

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Just a steady, dishwasher safe milk pitcher for everyday use

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We think a espressomachine setup can’t do without a proper milk pitcher, we also think you need at least two. One 350ML and one 600ML with this setup you can steam milk for 1 cappuccino, using the 350ML one, the 600ML one is for two cappuccinos. With this milk jug you can froth any milk to a silky smooth micro foam. Make the most beautiful latte art in no time, this is due to the pointed spout that helps draw tight lines!

Quick tip: when you’re making two milk based drinks we recommend using 2 milk pitchers, to get a better mixture of the ‘silky milky’. If you’d pour with one cup chances are high the second cup will get a different milk texture then the first one. Here’s a great video to learn how to make latte art done by Lance Hedrick!



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