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buy WDT tool frekko the netherlandsbuy WDT tool frekko the netherlands

WDT Tool

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This is the OG of WDT tools, the one every coffee geek needs :]

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0.3mm needles / 3D printed distribution tool
Weiss Distribution Technique / Weiss Distribution Tool

This is a must-have for every coffee enthusiast. The Weiss Distribution Technique WDT can improve everyone’s espresso pour by simply stirring the grounds with the tool. Get rid of espresso channelling. The best way to prepare your ground coffee before brewing.

This WDT is designed by JKim Makes if you do own a 3D printer, please visit his Printables so you can print it yourself. Just looking for WDT Tool Needles? Make sure to visit our search the store :]

TIP: To prevent spilling, we recommend using a dosing ring/dosing funnel. Place it on your portafilter while using the WDT to stir through your coffee.

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