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The AeroPress, power to the press! This is the most versatile coffee brewer on the market.

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The Aeropress, the coffee maker for home, work, or holidays!

The AeroPress is the evolution of the coffee brewing. This plastic coffee maker is not only user-friendly but also incredibly convenient on the go. Only water and ground coffee are needed to enjoy Alan Adler’s invention, originally designed for simple espresso without expensive equipment. What he probably didn’t anticipate was the global ‘cult-following’ and coffee competitions happening everywhere to brew the best AeroPress coffee!

Where does the AeroPress fit in?
The AeroPress is a versatile travel companion. Seamless for home use but just as easy to pack for coffee at work, on vacation, or with coffee enthusiasts who don’t share the same passion. Lightweight, durable, and perfect for traditional filter coffee or with a tweaked recipe for a robust black coffee that also serves as a base for milk-based drinks.

Why is the AeroPress so fantastic?
The thoughtful design provides endless fun by experimenting with variables. The customization and the robust, compact design make the AeroPress timeless in the world of coffee.

An iconic brewer since 2005
The AeroPress, an icon among coffee enthusiasts since 2005 Alan Adler, a ‘Stanford Engineer,’ conceived the simple AeroPress in his garage in 2004 to make his daily cup of coffee smarter and more delicious. Over 1 million AeroPresses have been sold, and people use them daily for coffee. AeroPress Championships showcase creativity with the most diverse recipes.

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AeroPress, Stirring spoon, Measurement scoop, 100x filters


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