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Abaca Paper FilterAbaca Paper Filter

Cafec — Abaca Paper Filter 1 Cup


Believe it or not, we think the Cafec Abaca paper filters are the very best to brew coffee with

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Cafec — Abaca Paper Filter 1 Cup

The Sustainable Choice for Specialty Coffee Brewing, Crafted from Manila hemp, a non-wood material mixed with wood pulp, the Cafec Abaca Paper Filter ensures a delightful coffee brewing experience with exceptional breathability, liquid permeability, and elasticity. Its innovative 2-side crepe feature minimizes the risk of blockages during brewing, preserving the distinct aroma of your specialty coffee.

This filter paper not only exhibits remarkable strength, being 4 times stronger yet 2 times thinner than conventional wood materials, but it’s also a sustainable and biodegradable option. Endorsed by the Japan Hand-Drip Championship, it has the ultimate seal of approval.

Designed for compatibility with the Cafec Flower Dripper, the Abaca Paper Filter also works seamlessly with other conical drippers like the Origami Dripper, Kōno Dripper, and Hario V60. Choose from options tailored for 1-2 cups or 2-4 cups, and relish a guilt-free and delicious cup of coffee with the Cafec Abaca Paper Filter.

  • Key Features
  • Crafted from non-wood material Manila hemp, Abaca
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Exceptional air and water permeability
  • Soft yet durable
  • Japan Hand-Drip Championship (JHDC) authorised product
  • No added fluorescent substances
  • Compatible with CAFEC Flower Dripper, Origami Dripper, Kōno Dripper, Hario V60
  • Available for 1-2 Cups and 2-4 Cups


There are many kinds of coffee filter paper in markets, but it would be a big mistake if you think it is just a paper and there is not much difference even if which paper you use. The CAFEC filter paper has “Two-Side Crepe”. Though another normal paper has crepe on one-side only the CAFEC paper keeps Two-Side Crepe by our original papermaking technology (Air-through dry). Thanks to the best balance of the height of crepe on both sides, it can keep enough air layer between paper and dripper so water can flow at an ideal speed. That is, “Two-Side Crepe” can be said a proof of good filter paper. It is a paper, but not just a paper!

This Abaca Coffee Paper Filter contains this miraculous fibre and achieves a silky smooth water flow and a great durability. What’s also special about this is the texture- with their technology, Cafec paper filter has a textured surface of both sides giving you a clean cup of coffee.


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