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Kono — Cup 1

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Kono cup 1, one of our favoure coffee drippers, brewing with this brewer means brewing with real coffee heritage.

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It is believed that Kōno dripper can produce a distinctive sweetness and layers. It seems to be a very new product to the world of specialty coffee, but in fact, it is one of the oldest brands in Japan. Shines when brewing light roasted coffee, resulting in a higher extraction than e.g. Hario V60.

The extraction speed for this dripper is relatively slow compared to other single-hole drippers, so you can bring out rich flavours of coffee to its full potential. The absence of ribs at the top half keeps paper filter attached to the dripper, while the ribs on the lower half create air channels for smooth water flow.

About the Transparent Heritage edition this model is designed by the new president of Kōno, lower grooves, reduced sediment and improved airflow for a richer, fuller cup of coffee.

Lance Hedrick Kōno Brewer Video

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