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1ZPresso — X-Pro S1ZPresso — X-Pro S

1ZPresso — X-Pro S

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Small, portable manual grinder that delivers exceptional

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1ZPresso — X-Pro S (pronounced easypresso) specialises in making premium manual coffee grinders, they develop the entire grinder from design to assembly.

Ultimate Compact Manual Grinder

Looking for a small, portable manual grinder that delivers exceptional performance?

Look no further than the 1ZPresso — X-Pro S Manual Grinder! With its sleek and compact design, the X-Pro S grinder is effortless to use and boasts a new external adjustment mechanism that allows for easy and painless zeroing of the grinder, ensuring optimal precision and control.

Equipped with a 40mm-heptagonal stainless steel burr, this grinder delivers unparalleled uniformity and precision during grinding. With more than 170 small clicksand 0.0125mm adjustment between each click, you can easily grind for every brewing method, from French press to exotic Turkish coffee.

The 1ZPresso — X-Pro S features a Swift-Disassembly Design, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance without the need for recalibrating the burr. Plus, the X-Pro S Foldable Handle is perfect for those looking to save space, increase stability, and enjoy an ergonomic grip, making it easier to grind coffee to perfection.

Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or a professional barista, the 1Zpresso X-Pro S Manual Grinder is the perfect choice for those looking for a small, portable manual grinder that delivers exceptional performance.

Get yours today and start enjoying the perfect cup of coffee, anywhere and anytime!

Product includes
  1. 1Zpresso X-Pro S Manual Grinder
  2. Cleaning brush
  3. Anti-slip rubber
Main Features 1ZPresso — X-Pro S
  • 40mm-heptagonal stainless steel burr
  • 60 clicks/round-circle, more than 170 clicks
  • 0.0125mm adjustment between each click
  • Even grinding
  • External adjustment dial ring
  • Design for all kinds of coffee Brewing
  • Foldable crank
  • One year warranty

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X-Pro S



0mm-heptagonal stainless steel burr


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