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SSP 64mm coffee grinding burrs multi purpose lab sweet and high uniformity frekkoSSP 64mm coffee grinding burrs multi purpose lab sweet and high uniformity frekko

SSP — 64mm Burrs

Starting from EUR 239,00

SSP (Sung Sim Precision) flatt burrs for coffee grinders, these Korean one-man-factory made burrs are considered to be the best quality burrs on the market

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SSP — 64MM Burrs

The SSP 64mm Flat Burrs excel in delivering top-notch grinding performance, ensuring a consistent particle size distribution for your coffee. Designed with custom geometrical cutting patterns, these burrs are engineered to optimize grinding performance, promising a clean, clear, and intense coffee experience. The expansive 83mm burrs significantly enhance espresso extractions’ quality while reducing grinding time.

Crafted to endure a lifetime, the SSP 64mm Multi Purpose, High Uniformity and Lab Sweet Flat Burrs boast the resilient Red Speed coating. Constructed with tool steel material and coated with Red Speed Titanium Aluminum Carbon Nitride (TiAICN), these burrs exhibit remarkable durability, capable of withstanding over 5000KG of coffee grinding before requiring replacement. The Red Speed-coated grinding burrs, made from high-quality tool steel, consistently produce uniform grinds, enhancing the richness and flavour profiles of your coffee.

Fits the following coffee grinders:

  • DF64 gen2 | G-iota Gen2
  • DF64 v1, v2, v3, v4, v5 | G-iota
  • DF64V | G-iota VS
  • DF64P | G-micron
  • DF64E | G-digit
  • G64
  • Kopi Deva
  • Lagom P64
  • Zerno Z1
  • Gevi GrindMaster
  • TimeMore Sculptor 064
  • Fellow Ode
  • ITop64
  • Do you have another 64mm coffee grinder, ask us if it fits :]

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Unimodal Red Speed Multi-Purpose, Lab Sweet Cast Version, High Uniformity Red Speed Espresso

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