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DF54 coffee grinder DF54 koffiemolen main photo frekkoDF54 coffee grinder DF54 koffiemolen main photo frekko

DF54 | G-iota 54

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DF54 coffee grinder
The most compact DF single dose electric coffee grinder, suitable from espresso to filter coffee


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DF54 coffee grinder | G-iota 54
The DF54 coffee grinder, also known as ProBarista G-iota 54, is the most compact electric coffee grinder in the DF line. With 54mm flat burrs, it offers 90 stepless settings, allowing for a grind range from French press to espresso. This is quite unique as most grinders have a limited range. In addition, this grinder is equipped with all the features of the DF64 gen2, including the ionizer which reduces static charge in coffee, resulting in a cleaner grind.

What is single dose grinding?

Single-dose grinding means weighing the precise amount of coffee needed, grinding it, and then brewing it, leaving the grind chamber empty when the grinder is not in use. The key benefit lies in the ease of transitioning between brewing styles and a diverse range of coffee choices. Imagine brewing a fruity single-origin coffee as espresso, and on the same day, opting for a nutty blend for a traditional cappuccino. Single-dose grinding ensures these shifts are smooth and effortlessly convenient.

Features DF54 coffee grinder

  • 1 grinder that can do it all
  • 54mm flat multifunctional burrs
  • Powerful 150W motor spins at 1400RPM
  • 90 grind settings (from French press to espresso)
  • Low retention grinding
  • Anti-popcorn funnel
  • Plasma generator for less static coffee
  • 58mm ‘hands-free’ portafilter holder (fork)
  • 58mm dosing cup + dosing cup tilt insert

All explained

One coffee grinder that does it all

With the DF54 coffee grinder, you can effortlessly grind from French press coarse to espresso, or even Ibrik fine. This all-in-one solution opens the door to the vast world of coffee. Discover coffees from different coffee roasters worldwide and embark on the coffee exploration journey that we at FREKKO find so special.

54mm flat multifunctional grinding discs

The DF54 coffee grinder comes standard with 54 mm steel grinding discs. The diameter of the grinding discs makes this coffee grinder very compact, almost portable for your holidays.

Powerful 150W motor

This DF54 coffee grinder is equipped with a robust 150W brush motor coupled to the bottom grinding disc. With a speed of 1400 rpm, you effortlessly achieve a fast grinding of 0.5 grams per second without compromising on quality.

90 stepless grind settings

Who wouldn’t want to discover different coffee brewing methods? The DF54 offers the flexibility to experiment. Whether you need a coarse grind for delicious filter coffee or a very fine grind for a good espresso, a simple twist of the grind adjustment ring will achieve the desired grind size.

Low retention grinding

The best single dose coffee grinders are designed to keep the grinding chamber empty, and the DF54 is no exception. What stands out is the ‘blowing hopper’, which helps you effortlessly blow all ground coffee out of the grinding chamber. Furthermore, the grinder is slightly tilted and made with precision tolerances of 0.02 mm, minimizing coffee accumulation in the grinding chamber. So, with every bean you put into the DF54, you know it comes out ground. After the grinder is ‘seasoned’, you can expect retention of less than 0.1 gram.

Anti-popcorn funnel

No bean wants to be ground for fun; sometimes a bean decides to ‘pop’ out of the grinding chamber. The new anti-popcorn funnel prevents coffee beans from flying out of the coffee grinder.

Plasma generator

The DF54 coffee grinder is equipped with a plasma generator. The ingenious concept, inspired by aerospace engineers, helps to eliminate static electricity. This innovative addition ensures a cleaner grinding experience without the need for RDT (Ross Droplet Technique: spraying water on the beans to reduce static electricity).

58mm as a starting point

Since most espresso machines use a 58mm portafilter, the design of DF54 is focused on this. The grinder is equipped with a 58mm plastic dosing cup, a ‘hands-free’ fork designed for a 58 mm filter holder.

Is this the DF54 coffee grinder for you?
If you are looking for a compact electric single dose coffee grinder that grinds from coarse to fine, from filter to espresso, then the DF54 deserves a spot on your wishlist. With its impressive ability to grind uniformly, remarkably low retention, and sleek 54mm design, the grinder is suitable for true coffee enthusiasts. If you still want the option to upgrade to other grinding discs, we recommend the DF64, which has larger grinding discs and is SSP upgradeable.

Still not convinced? Check out these Youtube reviews:

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg



DF54 / G-IOTA 54



Espresso, Drip, Cold-Brew, French Press, Tricolate, Aeropress, Kalita, Chemex, Turkish, …


Plastic dosing cup, anti-popcorn cap, dial indicator, blowing hopper, dosing tilt insert, manual


Ø54MM Ningbo Frigga Electric Appliance Co — Steel


Single-phase asynchronous 150W




18 cm D, 11 cm B, 30 cm H


2 year

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