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DF64E | G-Digit

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The DF64P coffee grinder, developed for delivering the most flavourful espresso. Giving you the option to grind for a set time or manual.

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The DF64E, also known as ProBarista G-Digit, is a low-retention, single-dose or on-demand with 250G hopper, espresso-focused grinder designed for the home barista. This is the very first grinder from DF that features a digital display with a timer function, further this grinder is dedicated to fine-tune your grind to the micron, precisely addressing the minor adjustments needed during espresso brewing. Some other grinders may not offer the finesse in adjustments that the DF64E provides. Just like most other DF grinders, the DF64E comes with 64mm flat burrs, capable of grinding in 60 marked, step-less grind sizes. Setting it apart from other DF-grinders, on the DF64E, you adjust the bottom (rotating) burr, a tactic also seen in grinders from the Italian manufacturer Eureka. Its sole focus is on brewing espresso.

What is single dose grinding?

Single-dose grinding means weighing the precise amount of coffee needed, grinding it, and then brewing it, leaving the grind chamber empty when the grinder is not in use. The key benefit lies in the ease of transitioning between brewing styles and a diverse range of coffee choices. Imagine brewing a fruity single-origin coffee as espresso, and on the same day, opting for a nutty blend for a traditional cappuccino. Single-dose grinding ensures these shifts are smooth and effortlessly convenient.


  • Focussed for the perfect espresso
  • 64mm flat DLC coated burr > SSP burr upgradable
  • Powerful 250W motor spinning at 1400RPM
  • On demand (timed grinding)
  • 60 step less grind settings
  • Low retention grinding
  • Blowing hopper
  • Walnut wooden accents
  • 58mm ‘hands-free’ portafilter fork
  • 58mm dosing cup + dosing ring

Everything broken down:

Focussed for espresso

As a dedicated espresso grinder, the DF64E provides you with unparalleled control over your espresso experience. We understand that achieving the perfect espresso can be a bit challenging, navigating through the nuances of sours and bitters to craft that perfectly balanced shot. What sets this grinder apart from other DF models is its precision in helping you dial in your shot to the micron. With the added convenience of a digital display, grinding directly into your portafilter has never been easier, bringing a cafe-like workflow right to your home. 64mm flat Italmill burrs

Featuring cutting-edge 64mm DLC-coated Italmill burrs, these burrs promise a delightful balance of texture and smoothness in every espresso. 64mm burrs are known for their optimal performance, while still keeping the grinder compact.

Powerful 250W brushed motor

Featuring a robust 250W brushed motor linked to the bottom burr, this sturdy grinder operates at 1400RPM, it effortlessly achieves a swift grind of 1 grams per second.

60 stepless grind settings

Unlock the full spectrum of flavours from your premium beans with the DF64E. This grinder gives you the freedom to experiment and fine-tune your grind to perfection. The easily readable and user-friendly adjustment handle ensures a seamless experience, empowering you to achieve your desired flavour profile effortlessly.

On demand (timed grinding)

While grinding on demand has been a practice for years, the makers of DF grinders always strive for something exceptional. The DF64E surpasses typical on-demand functionality; it doubles as a single-dose grinder, providing you with the flexibility to bypass the timed function. Exploring the on-demand features, you have two options: 1 cup and 2 cup modes. These are timed, ensuring precision with automatic stops. For these functions, utilize the 250-gram hopper, making it ideal for serving guests at a party with its quick workflow. On the other hand, when enjoying a solo coffee moment and wishing to switch beans, the manual mode facilitates a seamless transition for a single-dose grind.

Low retention grinding (single dose only)

The best single-dose grinders prioritise keeping the grind chamber clean, and the DF64E is no different. Its distinctive feature is the blowing hopper, encouraging you to effortlessly blow out all ground coffee. Additionally, the grinder is crafted with precision tolerances of 0.02mm, ensuring no coffee gets trapped within the grind chamber. This ensures that every input seamlessly translates to an output. After a proper seasoning, you can look forward to a retention of less than 0.2 gram.

Wooden accents

In addition to its exceptional grinding capabilities, the DF64E features a refined walnut wooden trim at the top, complemented by a matching wooden cap (single dose only).

58mm as gold standard

Given that most espresso machines use a 58mm portafilter, the designers of the DF64E were considerate in their approach. They equipped the grinder with a 58mm dosing cup, dosing ring and a ‘hands-free’ fork tailored for a 58mm portafilter.

Is this the grinder for you?

If you’re in the market for a single-dose or on-demand electric coffee grinder that can grind espresso-only, the DF64E deserves a spot on your shortlist. With its impressive ability to produce uniform grind particles, 64mm burrs, remarkably low retention, and sleek minimal design, this grinder caters to coffee enthusiasts at every level, from curious beginners to seasoned connoisseurs. If you are looking for the same features and design but without timed grinding and a hopper, the DF64P | G-micron might be a great option for you.


For those aiming to elevate their coffee grinding experience, consider upgrading to competition-style burrs from SSP. When ordered together, we’ll expertly install and align them to provide an unparalleled grinding experience. Plus, you’ll receive the original burrs that come with the grinder, giving you the flexibility to swap back whenever you desire.

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