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Varia EVO Hybrid GrinderVaria EVO Hybrid Grinder

Varia — EVO

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Varia EVO the most high-end compact coffee grinder for travel, we always take it with us on trips!

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VARIA — EVO hybrid Coffee Grinder 

VARIA — EVO Hybrid Coffee Grinder

The Varia EVO hybrid coffee grinder is unique in its kind. In the box, you’ll find not only the handle for manual grinding but also a compact 40W motor. This motor operates at 80 RPM, making the arduous task of manual grinding much more manageable. In our opinion, this is the ultimate grinder to take on your travels! (because that’s what we do ourselves :])

The Varia EVO can grind both espresso and filter coffee, with each ‘click’ representing 10 microns. This allows you to easily adjust the grind size for espresso with the EVO. If you’re specifically looking for a hand grinder for espresso, we recommend the 1Zpresso J-ULTRA, which has clicks of 8 microns.


  • 1 grinder that can do everything, anywhere!
  • 38mm Stainless Steel Hypernova Burr Set
  • 40W motor operating at 80RPM (rechargeable 800mAh Li-Ion battery, USB-C)
  • External grind setting ring
  • 140 grind settings, 10 microns per increment (from French press coarse to espresso fine)
  • Low-retention grinding
  • 58mm dosing cup (30-35g capacity)
  • Includes travel case

Everything broken down

One grinder that can do it all, anywhere

With the Varia EVO, you can effortlessly grind from French press coarse to espresso wherever you are. This all-in-one solution opens the door to the vast world of coffee. Discover coffees from various roasters worldwide and embark on the coffee exploration journey that we at FREKKO find so special. With the included travel case, you can brew coffee anywhere with this little powerhouse.

38mm conical multifunctional burrs

Designed for optimal performance, this grinder features 38mm steel burrs developed and produced by Varia. This specific burr design ensures a uniform and fluffy grind.

40W motor spinning at 80RPM

Powered by a 40W motor connected to the inner burr, this compact grinder operates at a low speed of 80RPM. The low speed mimics the grinding speed achieved when grinding manually. We find this grinder particularly suitable for vacations but also for daily use at home. The grinding speed of 18 grams on espresso grind is approximately 55 seconds.

140 grind settings

Who wouldn’t want to explore different coffee brewing methods? The Varia EVO offers the flexibility to experiment. Whether you need a coarse grind for a delicious filter coffee or a very fine grind for a good espresso, a simple twist of the grind setting ring connected to the dosing cup will achieve the desired grind size.

Grinding with low retention

The best coffee grinders are designed with the aim of keeping the grinding chamber empty, and the EVO is no exception. After ‘breaking in’ the grinder, you can expect a retention of less than 0.1 gram.

58mm dosing cup

Designed for all coffee lovers, the EVO comes with a 58mm dosing cup, making it suitable for all 58mm espresso machine filter baskets, including those from Sage, Lelit, ECM, Profitec, and more. For a better workflow, we recommend using a dosing funnel when transferring ground coffee to your filter basket.

Is this the grinder for you?

If you’re looking for a small electric single-dose coffee grinder that you can take with you anywhere, then the Varia EVO deserves a spot on your list. You can also use the EVO as your daily coffee grinder, perfect for smaller kitchens where you don’t want too many items cluttering the countertop.

If you still want a grinder with the same design features but fully electric, then we recommend the Varia VS3!

Not convinced yet? Check out these YouTube reviews:


Or better yet, come visit the FREKKO STUDIOxROASTERY to see it for yourself :]

Additional information

Weight 2 kg






Espresso, Filter, Turkish, French press, …

in the box

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Ø38mm 6 core conical — Supernova Stainless steel


EVO Hybrid: 1.24kg
EVO Hand Grinder: 1kg


EVO Hybrid; Height: 218.7mm, Diameter (Max): 64mm
EVO Hand Grinder; Height: 195mm, Diameter (Max): 64mm, Crank Length: 174mm


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