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IKAPE dosing funnel 58mm frekko magneticIKAPE dosing funnel 58mm frekko magnetic

IKAPE – Magnetic Dosing Funnel 58mm

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IKAPE – Dosing Funnel
This magnetic dosing funnel is your best friend for transferring ground coffee into your portafilter without spilling a single gram.

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This is the IKAPE – Dosing Funnel V2 – Equipped with a dosing ring featuring 8-10 evenly distributed magnets, this innovative accessory ensures a stable connection to your portafilter basket. Unlike embedded designs, it fits snugly onto the portafilter, making it ideal for 58mm portafilters used in puck preparation.

Versatile Compatibility – Designed specifically for espresso work, the inner diameter of the dosing ring is 59mm, making it compatible with all 58mm portafilters available in the market.

Your Perfect Barista Companion – This IKAPE – Dosing Funnel is incredibly user-friendly. Simply attach it to the portafilter basket, fill it with coffee grounds, use the WDT tool to evenly distribute them, remove the funnel, tamp the grounds, and finally, place the espresso puck screen over the coffee. Its simplicity streamlines the workflow of baristas, catering perfectly to busy commercial cafes, and making it an essential tool for crafting delicious espresso.

Premium Quality Materials – Crafted from lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy, the magnetic coffee dosing ring boasts exceptional rust and corrosion resistance. Baristas will appreciate its longevity and reliability, making it a favourite among espresso enthusiasts.

Get yourself an IKAPE setup with our IKAPE bundle set, or buy the WDT tool and calibrated tamper separately :]

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