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Bilt Oscar water softener water filter frekkoBilt Oscar water softener water filter frekko

BILT OSCAR — Waterfilter

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Good for your cup of coffee good for your espressomachine, good water treatment is a no brainer :]

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This water filter is designed for espresso machines with or without a hose in the water container, such as ECM, Profitec, Gaggia, and more. Before use, remove the water filter from the packaging, rinse it under the tap, and then place it in the water container of your machine. The filter passively filters the contents of the water container.

How long does the filter last?

The lifespan of the filter depends on the composition of your water. In the attached images, you’ll find the manufacturer’s advice (BILT). For more information, you can view the manufacturer’s technical file here. On average, the Bilt Oscar 90 can filter 150L water, Bilt Oscar 150 can filter ±250l water

What else should I be aware of?

The water filter does not directly filter the water at the beginning of brewing. To ensure it works well, consider the following:
1) The more water you put in the water container, the longer it takes for the total hardness of the water to reach the desired hardness. The preferred hardness for espresso machines is 3 to 4 dH.
2) The higher the hardness of the water, the longer it takes for the total hardness of the water to reach the desired hardness. It also seems that not only hardness affects how quickly the softening works but possibly other characteristics as well.

Prefer to soften all the water immediately? Opt for a water filter jug from a brand like BWT.

Technical details

Brand: Bilt
Type: Oscar 90 — Oscar 150
Made in: Italy
Exit PH: Neutral
Bacteriostatic: Silvered Resin
Softening: Total hardness
Filtercapacity: Oscar 90 – 150l at 10Kh — Oscar 150 – 410l at 10Kh
Filter dimensions: Oscar 90: 120 mm x 100 mm — Oscar 150: 150 mm x 100 mm
Replace: Every 3 months
Filter: 150 microns

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