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GA 200IM Shower ScreenGA 200IM Shower Screen

IMS — GA 200IM Shower Screen

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Gaggia competition shower screen, for those who are about making the ultimate espresso

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IMS — GA 200IM Shower Screen

This Competition shower screen boasts high quality and features an innovative, ultra-fine membrane designed to achieve the optimal water distribution onto the coffee in the portafilter. The exceptionally fine membrane serves a dual purpose by maintaining the cleanliness of the group and regulating the water flow for a consistently improved extraction.

Manufactured as a non-welded single-piece shower screen, it comprises a unique integrated membrane housed within the supporting body, providing a robust filtering capacity of 200 microns.

IM Features:
– Exclusive perforation design guarantees superior water distribution.
– Filter basket longevity is enhanced, and cleaning is made easy.
– Constructed as a single piece, the shower body exhibits increased resistance.
– The surface is entirely smooth, devoid of rough spots where dirt could accumulate.

– External Diameter: 55 mm
– Holes Area: ø M5
– Material: Stainless Steel AISI304 Food Safe
– IMS Code: GA200IM
– Made in Italy

Note: Only fits the Gaggia Classics with aluminium boiler

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