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Matrix E61 Shower ScreenMatrix E61 Shower Screen

IMS — Matrix E61 Shower Screen

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Newest style of competition shower screens, gives thicker crèma, keeps machine clean

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IMS Matrix E61 shower screen is upgrade for the shower screen of your E61 espresso machine (e.g. Profitec Pro 400). This IMS Matrix is very different from your usual shower screen. The IMS Matrix is made of stainless steel and consists of tens of thousands of channels of only 4-5 μ, these ensure superb distribution of water over the coffee bed. A nice extra is that the brewing group stays cleaner with this IMS Matrix as no dirt can get back into the machine.

In short:
– Low chance of channelling
– Thicker espresso with more crèma
– Cleaner machine

Suitable for:
– All machines with an E61 brewing group
– Rocket
– Profitec
– Lelit
– Expobar
– Vibiemme/VBM
– Bezzera
…Wondering if this shower screen will fit your machine? Feel free to send us a message!

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