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Mechanika VI SlimMechanika VI Slim

ECM — Mechanika VI Slim

EUR 1999

Compacte maar krachtige ECM Mechanika VI Slim, ontwikkeld en geproduceerd in Heidelberg Duitsland

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The ECM Mechanika VI Slim is the most compact HX machine ECM has to offer but you won’t be missing out on any of the luxury grade features we’ve come to expect from ECM. This compact heat exchanger espresso machine includes high-end elements like an E61 brew group, a 1.9-liter stainless steel boiler, and a vibration pump. Furthermore this Mechanika VI Slim is equipped with a switch that lets you choose from three different temperature presets as well as an optional pre-infusion mode and ECO mode. The three temperatures are 120°C, 124°C and 128°C, and they’ll bring you better temperature stability and more control over flavour and steam power.

What is the difference between HX and dual boiler?

Exploring espresso machines? Understanding the difference between Heat Exchanger (HX) and Dual Boiler models is crucial. HX machines utilise a single boiler with a heat exchanger, while Dual Boiler machines boast two separate boilers. Let’s dive into the nuances to help you make an informed choice for your espresso journey.

HX (Heat Exchanger) Espresso Machine:

  • Single boiler that performs both brewing and steaming tasks.
  • Simultaneous brewing and steaming
  • Uses a heat exchanger to separate brewing and steaming temperatures.
  • Requires a cooling flush to stabilise brewing temperature.

Dual Boiler Espresso Machine:

  • Two separate boilers for brewing and steaming functions.
  • Simultaneous brewing and steaming without temperature fluctuations.
  • Offers precise control over each boiler’s temperature.

Features of the Mechanika VI Slim

  • 1.9L HX (Heat Exchanger) boiler
  • ECM E61 (optional flow profiling kit)
  • Smart switch (boiler temperature, pre-infusion and ECO mode)
  • Insulated “cold touch” steam wand and hot water tap with rotary valves
  • 2.8L water tank
  • Stainless steel body
  • Quiet vibration pump

Everything broken down:

HX boiler power

A HX boiler gives you all the things you need without consuming lots of energy and high maintenance costs. This boiler configuration is one of the most popular in the home espresso market. This Mechanika IV Slim is packed with a 1.9L boiler, so plenty of power for steaming while you’re brewing your shot of espresso.

E61 with optional flow profiling kit

The Mechanika VI Slim features the well-known E61 brew group, founded in 1961 by Faema. This machine features ECM’s own version of this brew group, making it look more sleek and using stainless steel parts, the ECM group head is tapered, giving it a more sleek design. You can also choose to add a flow profiling kit for extra control over the waterflow that hits the coffee bed.

Insulated “cold touch” steam wand and hot water tap

Cold-touch wands empower you to concentrate fully on frothing milk, eliminating concerns about accidental burns. The incorporation of an isolating tube within a double wall of stainless steel not only enhances safety but also elevates every interaction you have with the machine.

2.8L water tank

The Mechanika VI Slim comes with a massive 2.8L water tank, ensuring you can brew many shots of coffee before running to the tap to refill the tank. We recommend to fill your machine with (BWT) filtered water for better tasting shots and improved machine longevity.

Is this the espresso machine for you?

If you’re in the market for a temperature switch controlled HX boiler espresso machine with tremendous performance and equipped with the famous ECM-E61 brew group then this Mechanika VI Slim must be on your shortlist! If you’re looking for a bigger machine, the ECM Mechanika MAX or Profitec Pro 500 might be the one you’re looking for. If don’t really know what kind of machine you’re looking for, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you out :]

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simultaneously steam and brew

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250 x 445 x 395 mm




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