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ECM — PuristikaECM — Puristika

ECM — Puristika

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This is the ECM Puristika, the most compact espressomachine from ECM, made for those who want to go get everything out of their espresso.

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Say hello to the ECM Puristika, the espresso maestro of the ECM family. This sleek machine blends precision with charm, boasting a single boiler, flow profiling, and a PID controller – everything you need for the perfect cup. Ideal for black coffee enthusiasts, its compact design and external water tank make it a top pick. With the E61 brew group ensuring consistent temperature, the Puristika brings big performance to small spaces, enhancing your espresso experience.

Features of the Puristika

  • 0.75L single boiler
  • ECM E61
  • PID controller (boiler temperature, shot timer, ECO mode and more)
  • Flow profiling dial
  • 2L external glass water tank
  • Stainless steel body
  • Quiet vibration pump

Everything broken down:

PID controlled single boiler

This single boiler is made for espresso only. It’s hooked onto a PID controller which monitors the boilers’ temperature every second, giving you ultimate temperature stability which we think is very important for those flavour packed espresso shots. As you can


The Puristika features the well-known E61 brew group, founded in 1961 by Faema. ECM has put its own spin on this iconic brew group, incorporating full stainless steel internals. The ECM group head, with its tapered design, not only enhances performance but also adds a touch of sleekness to the overall aesthetic.

Flow profiling dial

Full control over your extraction can be achieved by using the flow profiling dial which is situated at the right side of the machine. You can brew a blooming espresso, turbo shot, lever style or anything in between and beyond, the possibilities are endless!

2L external water tank

The Puristika comes with a 2L external glass water tank, this makes the Puristika as compact as it is. With a 2L tank you can brew many shots of coffee before running to the tap to refill the tank. We recommend to filter your water with a (BWT) filtration system for better tasting coffee and improved machine longevity.

Is this the espresso machine for you?

Want to go all in on a ultra compact black coffee only ECM espressomachine? Then this might just fulfil all your wishes! But if you wish to go for an espresso machine that can also steam milk we recommend checking out the ECM Mechanika VI Slim. If don’t really know what kind of machine you’re looking for, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you out :]

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Need more info? Check out these Youtube reviews:

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water supply


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in the box

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195 x 348 x 315 mm




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